Thursday, 25 September 2014

New jewellery

Exciting news time!
We have launched some new additions to our jewellery collections. The current collections have a few new jewels each that we have been working on for a little while.
All can be found on the website HERE

Additions to the Nautilus collection include the Nautilus spyglass and mini deco jewellery, with shimmering moonstones, hidden portholes and bold art deco lines in new rings, pendants and earrings. The nautilus collection, inspired by Jules Verne's description of Captain Nemo's Nautilus ship in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, combines the fantastical mysterious tale with a hint of art Deco style and glamour.

Nautilus Spyglass ring with moonstone

Nautilus Mini Deco elipse earrings

Nautilus Spyglass earrings with moonstone

Nautilus Mini Deco ring

Nautilus Spyglass mini necklace with moonstone

The enchanted fairytale inspired Springtime collection saw new forget-me-not charm jewels including chic forget-me-not charm drop earrings and a pendant with blue anodised titanium and satin finished silver recreating a fairytale charm. To the the Wildflowers new detailed large Wildorse earrings were also introduced.
Springtime Wildflower Wildrose earrings

Springtime Forget-me-not charm earrings

The wonderland collection saw 4 new jewels showcased including silver key earrings and a ring to complement the wonderland keyhole heart necklace and 2 “ painting the roses red” jewels, a pendant and ring featuring translucent red enamel “painted” onto silver roses. Perfectly whimsical additions to the Wonderland collections intricately detailed silver heart necklaces.

All can be found on the website HERE

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