Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hello New year and New Jewellery collection

It's been a little while since we have last blooged so hello again!
Lets get back into the jewellery world with a little treat for all you jewellery lovers.

The Mouse Princess collection for

Sian Bostwick Jewellery has created a little exclusive collection just for
The little silver mice with their silken fur and shinning eyes have long tales which twist and coil around amethyst, garnet, Labradorite, pink tourmaline and other sparkling gems.
The silver mice curl around amethyst's to create asymmetric earrings, run around a large garnet and skitter up the chain on a necklace while 2 little mice hold a pink tourmaline to form a ring with their intertwining tails.

2 little mice intertwine their tails with a pink tormaline

The Scandinavian fairytale tells of a farmers son sent into the woods to find his love. Deep in the forest he only finds a mouse who promises to be his bride. The farmer sets three challenges for the moues to prove herself, and with the assistance of her little mouse helpers she fulfil the tasks. When finally betrothed to the boy she is thrown into a river and her enchantment is broken. A beautiful princess emerges and they both return to the princesses kingdom.

The Mouse Princess jewels are all one off individual pieces and part of a ongoing and growing collection in which new mouse jewellery will be added to over time.

Available from Sian Bostwick jewellery Boticca store alongside further exclusive jewellery treats

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