Monday, 22 April 2013

Nucleus Presents exhibtition

Last week we had he wonderful Cafe Nucleus Artists exhibition, at the Nucleus gallery chatham. Hosted by Cafe Nucleus and the wonderful aron who has been so supportive of the resident nucleus artists and given this opputunity to exhibit.
Sian Bostwick Jewellery had a showcase full of jewellery delights including lot of one off peices of jewellery.
showing alongside many of the very talents Nucleus artists including Marrisa Mardon , Peter Reeds , Anne Taylor , Nick evans , Natile Sampson and more

More info on the Nucleus Artists page HERE

also this past 2 weeks we have had new face in the workshop, Fred has been helping out in the workshop as well as devloping his first collection, so keep your eyes peeld.

Last thing, Happy earth day!!! 
The sun shone today and peopel came together for earth day. Heres a littel idea for you all to enjoy your earth day with some beautiful Wildflower jewels.
Earth day with Wildflower jewels

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