Thursday, 10 May 2012

New collection shoot & Tresor Paris

The new Nautilus collection is coming along wonderfully and I spent last weekend with the very talented Katie Blench of Katie Blench Photography and the beautiful Alice Viner  in a wonderful Art Deco style bar in Whitstable. The bar had some great scenes and styling which was perfect for the Nautilus collection and Alice looked wonderful elegant, the collection has come together beautifully and I cant wait to release it..

So here’s some behind the scenes sneak peaks, as you can see there is a reason I am not a photographer I am quite terrible. But the final pictures by Katie will be coming soon.

More info about the collection which will be launching at Treasure at Somerset house, during Londonjewellery week will be coming very soon.

Oh how the life of a jewellery lady is hard, my second jewellery party of the season I went along to the Tresor Paris Sparkle party last night. A great and sparkly time was had by all including some very well known people at the Gilgamesh bar, lots of lovely cocktails and yummy cake plus some great entertainment plus a LOT of money was rised for some great courses.

More pics can be seen here: 

Yours truly in my fab zombie hat

the cany bar was quite fun, packed full of yummy sweeties

the sparkly Tresor girls

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