Monday, 23 January 2012

Goldsmith craft and design

It’s been a busy busy week since returning from my time off earlier in the month and at the begining of last week I remembered it was the hand in day for Goldsmith craft and design awards on Friday. So i did some very quick paintings of sketches I had planned out before I went away and here we are with 2 entries for the fine jewellery design category deliverd last friday.

The first is based on goblins and the dark forest they inhabit, the tricksy goblins try to steal away a large gemstone form the twisted tree.

A bracelet design based on Neil Gaimens Stardust, one of my favourite tales. Featuring diamond stars, a large topaz stare and fine white gold detail.

Now I just have to wait and see with my fingers crossed, even if I don’t get anything I always really enjoy the painting and seeing exhibition which really show the best and most wonderful jewellery and sliversmithing at the moment.

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